Sun and moon slot overview

The slots have been created by Aristocrat software developer, which indeed has a very strong name in the gambling industry. The slot itself has Aztec time theme as well as lots of symbols that refer players back to Aztec times. Sun and moon slots are very simple and easy to master and can be found in many casinos. Some casinos offer progressive jackpots but as a result RTP percentage may be reduced but not substantially. Apart from that it offers the following:

  • Decent amount of free spins bonus can be obtained.
  • Five reels in total.
  • 20 paylines are available.
  • Wild symbols.
  • Scatter symbols.
  • This is a low volatility slot.
  • Multiplayer option is offered.
  • Autoplay options.

As it can be seen, this is a fantastic slot, which offers so many options and has great courage to play into.

The slot’s interface and gameplay

The interface has Aztec themes including some of Aztec symbols. The most obvious Aztec themes are integrated into gameplay because the matching winning combinations are associated with it in the sense that Mayan believe.

Sun and moon slot refers to sun and moon come together and support humans to thrive and prosper in this world. Credit, bet and win at the top of the interface will display the numbers that indicate where a player stands. Minimum coin for every spin is 0.1 but the maximum is 20.

Design of the slot

The design of the slot is also relatively simple and associated with Aztec times. Sun and moon slot may have jackpot but it is depended on casinos that operate it. The design features attractive Aztec symbols, wild and scatter symbols that my trigger some bonuses and free spins. The mountains and a pyramid at the top of the reels is also a great design feature of Aztec era.

Symbols of the slot

There are quite a few symbols that will have to be remembered in order to feel comfortable. Sun and moon free slots may allow getting to grips with the use of the machine and developing skills to perfection. Here are the symbols that players will puzzle with:

  • Card symbols A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9.
  • Aztec symbols.
  • Scatter symbols.
  • Wild symbols.

Every symbol is easy to be understood and to puzzle with. There are plenty of winning combinations, so wins will be regular anyway.

Gameplay features

Free sun and moon slots will allow to learn how to play it and develop skills to perfection. The simple thing is that you will need to get as many matching combinations of the same symbols as possible. The more symbols you get in the line, the greater chances of wins will be. Scatter symbols will allow a player to replace certain symbols and hold the reels.

Winning targets

Try to get the following:

  • When a player lands 2,3,4,5 or 5,10,20,50 free spins can be achieved, wins are doubled.
  • There is gamble button next to spin button, so on winning prize players can quadruple or double winning amount.
  • Players must make sure symbols are laid in the deck of cards, then winning is greater.
  • Moon, sun, pyramids and a mask are regarded as generating winning rewards icons, so keep an eye on it.
  • Target blue, gold and green charms because they are very rewarding symbols.

The above mentioned targeting strategies will help a player to win more and do so on a regular basis.

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