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Free Hot Penny slots online – new emotions about old games

There are still many guys in gamblers’ society, who prefer simplicity in slots to complicated games. And Hot Penny slot machine free online or Hot Shot Progressive game fill lives of such players with necessary emotions and allow coming back to that time, when mentioned games were the most sophisticated representatives of this branch of industry.

Free Hot Penny slots online can really help to immerse into the atmosphere of Las Vegas’ twilight world. So, the below given information will be interesting for old-school type gamblers, but, probably, will attract beginners for them to understand all reasons of these slots to be very popular so many years already.

Hot Roll slot, as a vivid type of free Hot Penny slots online

Classic slots will never lose their topicality, and Super Time Pay Hot Roll slot by IGT is a “foundational proof” of this statement. Basically, different variants of similar games have the same structure, that’s why it’s enough to make a review of above mentioned slot to understand what is it and how to play it.

The slot has 3 reels, 20 paylines and RTP rate of 95.9 %. Design and interface are quite simple and are made mostly in blue color. But for many gamblers as simpler the layout is, so fewer factors, which will interrupt from a gaming process. There is no Scatter Symbol, but Wild Symbol, free spins, multipliers and bonus game make the slot multifarious. The game is available in both: real money game or free mode variant. The slot can bring a good win by getting sets of images with high paying indexes. Besides, a collection of Wild Symbols makes different gifts, including multipliers and free spins.

So, gamblers are welcomed to play this amazing slot that has the form of free and real money options, mixed with old-school design and quite advanced system of bonuses.

Hot Shot Progressive slot’s description

Bally Technologies Company has decided to make a gift to fans of old types of games and has created a Hot Shot Progressive Slot. It has quite simple design, but it’s definitely not the most important feature for real gamblers. The following aspects make this game very popular amongst fans’ society.

  • RTP – 96.04 % that is very attractive for the “family” of free Hot Penny slots online.
  • The maximal jackpot amount is 240 000 USD.
  • Real American background music, represented by Jazz, Rock-N-Roll and saxophone melodies.
  • An option to check paying lines, superimposed over the reels.
  • A big range of bets – from 0.01 USD to 24 USD.

This game offers 5 different variants of Progressive jackpots, which are: Blazing Sevens (with 10 times multiplier), Diamond Line (with 50 times multiplier), Double Jackpot (with 100 times multiplier), Triple Jackpot (with 1000 times multiplier) and Seven Times Pay (with 100 000 times multiplier).

So, it’s impossible to imagine times, when old-school slots become not interesting for gambling society, thus we have enough time to enjoy them.

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