Spartacus video slot in online casinos

The game takes place in the arena of collision in Rome, where bloody battles of gladiators took place, naturally the main character Spartacus and his fighting girlfriend (addition from the slot developer) are the highest paid symbols, as well as symbols related to the theme of the game, shield and sword, lion , gladiator, helmet.

Features of the “Spartacus” video slot

The game screen is divided into two working windows, the first screen has five reels, each reel has four cells for symbols. The second screen has five coils with twelve character slots. Two screens have one hundred pay lines. The player can choose the number of lines for the game 20-40-60-80-100. Naturally, the best option is one hundred lines, the chances of getting a big win are much higher. Bonus game from 8 to 20 free spins with a filling Wild symbol.

How does video slot “Spartacus” works

If there are three to five Colosseum symbols, the player gets free spins, three symbols – eight spins, four – twelve, five – 20 free spins. During the free spins when the Wild symbol “Spartacus” appears. On any reel of the first screen, it is transferred to the same reel of the second screen and fills all twelve cells, that is, it replaces all the symbols of the game and multiplies successful combinations by 2, 4 symbols of the free game dropped out – multiplied by 5, five symbols multiplied by 20. Dropped out during the game there are five wild symbols, they are all transferred to the reels of the second screen, I completely fill twelve cells of each, and the jackpot is obtained, and this is an indecently huge amount even for the minimum bet. During game spins, a filling Wild symbol appears on the first screen, it is also transferred to the second screen, replacing all the symbols of the game,

Bet level and cost of symbols

The minimum bet is 0.01 of the nominal value of the game currency: 100 lines x 0.01 per 2 lines = 0.50 bet. The maximum bet is 5 denominations of the game currency, the total amount of the bet per 100 lines is 250 nominal coins.

  • The symbol of the hero of the slot Spartak 5×2.50, 4×0.50, 3×0.25.
  • Girl gladiator 5×2.00 4×0.40 3×0.20.
  • Gladiator symbol, lion 5×1.00, 4×0.20, 3x 0.10
  • Symbol Helmet, shield and sword 5×0.75, 4×0.15, 3×0.5
  • Card symbols 5×0.50, 4x 0.10, 3×0.05

The game’s controls are simple and don’t require any special preparation, despite the fact that the slot seems large and complex. The first button is the paytable. The second launch of the game in auto mode. Next, select the line, bet and start the spins. The video slot “Spartacus” has a flexible betting policy, so it will be available to players with any level of game currency.

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